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Meet the dream team


/ˈnəʊmad/   World travelers that find warmth wherever they land

Our ground stone as a collective is to create a platform that facilitates the exchange

of different cultures within the dance world and supports equal opportunities regardless

of gender, sexual orientation, color of skin or nature.


Movement lover, dancer and researcher. Exploring the endless possibilities of human bodies.


Performing artist. Resilient and adaptable.Her passion is laughter and building true connections with others.


A performer who plays with movement and words. Passionate and determined. She believes dance is a way to bring more connection and transparency in the world.⁠


He is discovering himself through movement, loves working in a group and filling the space with the energy of one another. 


Eventhough movement plays an important roll, she identifies herself more as a performer. She finds presence the key to communicate.⁠

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